1001 Theme

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A thousand salaams, esteemed effendi! As you peruse the pages of this expansion book, be sure to hydrate properly and shield your eyes from the burning sun. Life here is treacherous and the unwary can meet an easy, if ignominious ending.

From the multiple translations and editions of 1001 Arabian Nights to the books of Herbert’s Dune saga, humanity has found adventure and inspiration buried beneath the sands of time. Stories of Aladdin and his Lamp, of Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves, of the Mos Eisley spaceport of Tatooine - all of them and more offer a game planner everything she needs to entertain her populace with heroic exploits in these harsh environs.

Look no further than popular fiction to find examples of ancient curses and long-forgotten treasure hidden beneath the waves of sand. Raiders of the Lost Ark, is a fine example - as are all of Brendan Fraser’s The Mummy movies, with the original Boris Karloff film being the archetype for desert-themed horror that all others have endeavored to emulate and improve upon.

Finally, one could find endless inspiration in ancient Egyptian, Indian and Arabic mythology - the birthplace of the Djinn, the roc and myriad other beasts both mystical and mundane. Alongside those sightings, you will find stories of intrigue and treachery, of bravery and cowardice and of the divine will of the gods as they struggle to rule over their mortal servants.

Now, start turning some pages and taking notes. It is time to build a crypt, stock it with gold and jewels and watch your players unlock it’s secrets!