2009 State of Amtgard Report

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There have been, well, things - and last year's report is very late, but better late than yadda yadda.


2009 saw more publicity to Amtgard and Larping in general, several short documentaries and news reports were put out. Don Fodder Devilboon, the longest standing officer anywhere stepped down from his stint as Prime Minister of Blackspire and Valley of the Silver Rains before that, from January 2004 until June 2009. The Duchy of Western Gate petitioned for kingdom status at Clan, but was told to wait a year, and plans to try again as the Principality of Tal Dagore at Clan 2010. Crystal Groves voted to change it's corpora, moving from a static crown system to a floating one. Michael Hammer of God put together a poker deck project including art from all over the Amtworld. Alona Twotrees, author of the most commonly used award templates has started an award art project, using images made by amtgarders to create new and more interesting awards.


In 2008 the byword was 'Growth', but apparently some folks took it as a challenge. Seventy three new or reestablished chapters are known to have formed, fully 21 more than were founded in 2008. However there was a higher rate of turn over, and at least 17 of those chapters founded are already defunct. At this moment there are 283 chapters listed on the wiki and 270 listed as active on the ORK. Rewth's minions continue to work on getting every active chapter listed on the atlas.

Florida tops the 'most chapters gained' category again this year, with nine. Some of these chapters are already defunct, or have merged with other groups. For a complete accounting email me and I'll be glad to include the spreadsheet that has all the new chapters and all the contacts I could dig up.


Last year 41 players were knighted, three less than in 2008. Of those created 23 or 52% were first belts, seven were seconds, eleven or were thirds. One of those belted Don Diego Rodolfo Velazquez, of the Celestial Kingdom received his third and fourth belt. Making him the first four belter ever wholly created by the Kingdom. Eleven of those created were knights of the crown, fifteen were flame knights, ten were knights of the serpent, and four were knights of the sword.

There are where 545 individual knights ever created as of January 1st 2010. May had the most knightings at seven, and April and november only had one each. The Wetlands knighted the most people, belting seven. This is the second year in a row that the Wetlands belted more than any other kingdom.

At the time of writing there are; 172 Crown Knights, 305 Flame Knights, 184 Serpent Knights, 109 Sword Knights

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Thanks to Saeven for mathematical assistance, Kite and Kaads for edits, and the staff of the ORK and Amtwiki for gathering the information. -Linden