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Hello intrepid editors!

You seem to have experienced the 403 error.

The admin team has identified an error with how the ORK link templates are functioning. For a player's ORK link, you can simply remove the id=# portion from the code as shown here:

  • {{ork_player|id=#|id2=#}}


  • {{ork_player|id2=#}}

For Kingdom and Chapter pages, please update subsections until the team can correct the error. Editing the whole page will drive this error as well as editing the last section of the page that includes the ORK link template.

--Hannoske 05:54, 15 November 2016 (EST)

If you are still encountering this error after trying the above fix, please contact Black Bart by leaving a message here: http://amtwiki.net/amtwiki/index.php/User_talk:BlackBart