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A hoax launched by Roger on April Fool's day in 1997 on Amtgard-L. To set the stage for this you need to realize that the 6.1 committee had already been in place a couple years and people were very impatient waiting for a new rulebook (and it would still be many years before that would come to pass, ironically)....

Original Post

After months and months of waiting, the new rulebook is finally out. I must say the first impression in hardback cover is really nice, it looks very professional. The picture of a beaming Aramithris blessing the kneeling Claw Company is beautifully done.

For starters, there is a very handy index in the back and a table of contents. Also there is a summary of all charts and tables used in the book. These alone are worth the cover price.

Now, as to the stuff inside. The rule changes are summarized nicely in an update section before listing the actual main text of the rules. After years of only minor revisions, the BOD has finally gone for a major overhaul. Here are the highlights:

  • Hand guards are no longer assumed for any weapons.
  • The large shield class no longer has any maximum size.
  • Bar Mail is defined as 4 pts with a nice picture showing what is and isn't bar mail.
  • There is a new hit location: Buttocks. This loction kills as does torso but has armor counted seperately.
  • You may now declare your character to be one of several races, each with

a minor ability:

    • Human: +1 life
    • Elf: +1 spell point/level
    • Dwarf: +1 pt armor where worn.
    • Halfling: +1 damage with thrown weapons.
  • Archers are reduced to 2 pts of armor.
  • Archers now have a teleport arrow (shoot it and teleport to

where it hit).

  • Assassins can now poison all their throwing weapons at 4th level.
  • Bards were toned down as they were too powerful, especially at lower levels.
  • Druids now have presence vs. Barbarians and Monks of lower level.
  • Healers can now wear up to 2 pts of armor at a cost of spell pts.
  • Monks may now block swords with their hands at 6th level.
  • Scouts can make anyone who follows them lost 1/life.
  • Wizards may now use shields, bows, and flails with the new warskill spell.
  • Gypsies are not allowed, but if they were then paladins would be immune to anything they might do.
  • Paladin and Anti-Paladin are now limited only to Knights of the Sword. The other belts instead have new peerage classes, which are as follows:
    • Crown: Cavalier
    • Flame: Templar
    • Serpent: Archmage
  • And last, but not least, there is a nice Amtgard Recipe section in the back that contains many legendary concotions such as Dragon's Piss, Claw Chili and that Saracen Corsair dead resurrected captain drink.

people who played along


  I really like the look of 6.2!! The cover's better than the Dor Um
  Avathar! I noticed some more differences in play for 6.2:
  It's official, plastic knee guards are now worth 4 point armor!
  You forgot to mention small shield has also been reduced to a square
  foot so it's actually a buckler-class.
  I noticed Stoneskins finally got reduced, now they're non-mendable and
  you can only carry two max.
  There's no longer any limit to the number of enchantments a person can
  carry. Also, Wizards no longer need to remain still when casting
  spells, so they're not so vulnerable anymore.
  I noticed playtesting classes are now a part of the rulebook, so your
  custom class is legal anywhere in Amtgard as long as your home group has
  voted on it (except Gypsy of course); should lead to a lot of diversity.
         - Oznog


   Thank goodness they revamped the Barbarian class.
   Barbarians can now carry enchantments after 4th level!!!!
   Also, fireballs now must be 1 foot in diameter.
   And Oznog didn't point out that not only are plastic knee gaurds 
   4 points of armor, silver spray
   painted cardbord can now be worn
   as 6 points of plate! Warrior is looking better all the time!
         - Sable


  Indeed, the 6.2 rules edition is now complete.  I want to thank Oznog
  and Roger in particular for all their contributions.  Guys, your checks
  will be in the mail as soon as we start collecting money from all of the
  other kingdoms for their copies.  Please note the contract expansion on
  page 114 of 6.2 which specifically prohibits any kingdoms from using
  any classes or monsters not specifically listed in 6.2
  Also, there is an error, on page 37 it should say "8th level Paladins
  may only be played by anyone who has achieved his _fifth_ white bel
  {see the section on knight of the Phoenix}, thus only Tawnee, myself,
  and Ivar can play eighth level
  And finally, I want to personally thank Lord Kathon for his beautiful
  layout of the table of contents, it is the best publication work he
  has done to date...  Well done!
 Hope you all like it
                                     :)   -Aramithris

Other Responses


   Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, happy day!
           - Dego Smith

Timothy Lanza

   This has been a long time in coming.
          - Timothy Lanza 


   Amtgard is officially fucked? 
          - Gameboy


   6.2 is now the official rulebook of all Amtgard functions, since it's
   not a full revision (7.0), kingdoms DO NOT vote to ratify it, it's law
          - Oznog

Dominick Largos

   We're getting excited about the new rules coming out.
   Any idea when and where they'll be available and how much $$$??
         -  Dominick Largos

Shanti Day

   for those of us who can't read your mind any idea WHERE we can get this?
   and can it be d/l anywhere?
          -  Shanti Day


   Where - O - Where, can we get copies of the new rulebook?
   Either E-mailed, Downloaded from thew Net, or Snail-mailed hard copies


   I want two of these.
         -   Shadow 

William Chapple

   Is there a way for those of us out here away from the main groups in
   Texas and Arizona to get a copy? How much will it cost? Can we get a   
   discount for bulk?:) I'm sure you know the list of questions. I'd love an
   answer ASAP since I can think of 10+ people who'll want one in my Duchy
   alone, not to mention the others in my region. My region is Oregon in case
   ya needed to know.
        -  William Chapple 

Oznog Again

   Currently it's only available in the hardbound version for $20, I know
   that sounds like a lot but it looks really nice, they put lots of work
   into it. The all-new official Amtgard home page has instructions on how
   to order it, though the page isn't completed yet, it should only be a
   few more wks and it's going to look really cool!
       - Oznog again.  

Ivar Nefarious

   You guys thought it was real funny. You should have seen my email =)
       - Ivar