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Formed in July of 2002 out of sheer boredom, ACME has become father to many projects. Only a two projects ever started by ACME has ever been completed; all others tend to pile up in Harold's various places of storage.

Project Mordengaard tabards was the first project to ever be completed by ACME. The task was to create as many Mordengaard tabards for Midreign as possable.

The second project ever completed by ACME was project newbie swords. The task was to create as many loaner weapons as possable for Mordengaard in order to supply the waves of newbies that flucuated in an out of the park.

Members of ACME

Harold, Pickles, Weaver, Triztal, and anyone else unlucky enough to assist Harold.


  • ACME stands for: Assembly Coalition of Moderate Effectiveness
  • The first project ever to be started by ACME was brigadine to be used by the Seekers of the Abyss. Plates were finished, however final assembly was scrapped
  • Supplies were purchased to create a chainmail factory though interest quickly diminished after members learned how much work was involved
  • Most of ACME's members never realized they joined
  • ACME strives for the same level of mediocrity as the OK Cavalry only in the realms of A&S