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Man-at-Arms Abashai of Dark Oasis, Kingdom of the Golden Plains

Abashai's Heraldry
Home Park Dark Oasis
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2007

"Yes, I've been shot."



Abashai started playing in Dark Oasis around 2007. He would graduate high school and join the Army. After serving in the Army for a few years he would later return to Hobbs and begin to play Amtgard again in Dark Oasis. Before he had left he was picked up by the Archangels as a Disciple and since coming back in 2011 has petitioned the Archangels again, however in late 2012 he was dropped by his sponsor in the Archangels..

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Abashai is Man-at-Arms diretly under Sir Kamal

Notable Accomplishments

  • Became a Disciple of the Archangels again in 2011
  • Was a Disciple of the Archangels originally in 2007