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About Companies

This article contains views expressed by individuals about Companies, and their aspects. Updaters, please include the name of the player, the date the quote is taken from and the company that they belong too.

Tanath of Sol Invictus

December 12,2006 I was having a conversation with Wilhelm the other day about Amtgard and companies in general. Here is what I came up with:

The trend has been gravitating towards "Small, Elite Units" of fighting companies, instead of bar-coding. I think this has had a negative effect on Amtgard as a whole.

I'd like to preface this explanation with the fact that I am a member of a company who strives to be an exclusive group, and I want to remain in such a group, so I'm not in any way fussing at anyone here.

Back in the day, big, bar-coding companies had its leadership. Saracens had some good stick at the top ranks, as did other big type companies. At the same time, it was still feasible for a newer person to join these companies.

The net result:

The Mid-Level players wanted to join the big companies because they were respectable. It didn't "detract" from your "respect-ometer" to be from a large company.

The Mid Level players brought the newer player company bro's with them to the big events; Clan, Spring War, Interkingdom Event.

This swelled the attendance of the large events, as well as created Die-Hard amtgarders.

Now days, the majority of the veteran players are in exclusive companies. The mid-level players are in their exclusive companies that emulate the top-tier ones. The new folks make their own companies. With all this segregation, there isn't that sense of brotherhood that would cause someone to bring a new person to "their first Clan".

As a result, the game is kinda dying.

However, there is no incentive for the Veteren players to NOT be in a top-tier company.

Its really a catch-22

Sir Corbin responds to Tanath in this article.

Company group names


Wardancers- a bloat of Wardancers.
Rogues- a plague of Rogues.
Saracens- a nest of Saracens.
Annihalus- a crash of Annihalus.
Archon- a scold of Archon.
Argent Helm- a mustering of Argent Helm.
Ravens- an unkindess of Ravens (naturally).
Bellator- an ostentation of Bellator.
Corsairs- a gang of Corsairs.
Crawling Chaos- an intrusion of Crawling Chaos.
White Boar- a singular of Boars.
Triads- a scurry of Triads.
Sterling Dogs- a pack of Sterling Dogs.
Roger's Raiders- a skulk of Raiders.
Justicars- a swarm of Justicars.
Landcrest- a smack of Landcrest.

Feral Lynn

Landcrest- a flock of segulls


So nobody gets to use "murder"?
(like a murder of crows) How about a murder of The Sacred Order of the Righteous Brotherhood, The Chosen, Holy Warriors of BoB the Unforgiving?


I would prefer a Brutality of Torches.


How about "a kneel of Bobs"?


Well, let's see, a bundle of sticks, right? A Faggot of Torches.

Lucas The Lost

A cloud of Green Dragons?
Dude... that's totally harsh man.


A Swill of Evil French.


From my neck of the woods:
A Redneck of Templars.
A Geriatric of Sol Invictus.
A Poweraide of PTK
A Skull of Dark Riders
A Deckland of Ferrum Crux.
An Alternate Lifestyle of Luminari


A pretention of Golden City All-Stars.

On Company effectiveness in a Five on Five situation;


Five on five you're going to see a Torch victory every time. If you move into smaller or larger numbers, you get vastly different results.

The break point, for me anyway, is three on three. At that point I can personally make a large enough difference to vastly skew the results regardless of anybody else on my team and probably put the Dragons in contention for the lead.

If you moved in to ten on ten individual skill starts to matter much less and what you really need is good coherency. The JC's typically do very well on that front.