Ahriman ibn Ahrman

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Ahriman device.gif
Ahriman's Device: Lune argent en eclipse rayonnet argent sur sable
Home Park Last active in Kestrel Keep
Kingdom Formerly Neverwinter
Year Started 1995
Noble Title Viscount
Belt Status n/a

Viscount Ahriman ibn Ahrman, of Darkwater East, Neverwinter




The William Jennings Bryan of Neverwinter. He started in Silverwater, where he was one of the leaders of the park, though usually coming up just short in elections, a trend that would continue when he moved to Darkwater East. He ran for King and Regent many times, always coming up just short in elections. He did win one election to be Prime Minister of Neverwinter for a term.

His worst eleciton loss occurred when he was one of two qualled candidates for king, and also the only qualled candidate for Kingdom Regent, which would have guaranteed him victory in that post even if he lost the monarch election. His opponent suggested that he was dividing his attention between wanting to be monarch and regent, so Ahriman withdrew from the regent election--which he had been guaraneteed to win--and focused on running for monarch. The outgoing monarch selected someone who volunteered to fill in for regent. And after all this, Ahriman still lost, by only a few votes. He probably lost three kingdom elections by less than ten votes combined. Usually he would do well in Darkwater and Silverwater, getting most (but not all) of their votes, but get shut out in Falling Fire.

He was a founding member of Ze Evil French, whom he continues to be active with in their outside-amtgard activities. His "french name" is |Guy de la Wombat.

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- In Evil French Garb
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- Taunting the Enemy
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- After Killing Liam Fitzdonal (left) and Roger (right).

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  • Ahriman's Evil French page on Geocities, at least till they pull the plug on geocities in October.

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