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Aki Lovelight
Current Park Crimson Circle
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2017
Belt Status Squire to Dame Hazel
Paragon Status Assassin Apprentice to Magnus

Lady Squire Aki Lovelight, of Crimson Circle, in the Kingdom of Polaris


Aki Lovelight started her Amtgard career with her first sign-in at Ice Haven, 2017. While enjoying her time at park she soon discovered how eager she was to involve herself more. Aki's first event was M.A.M.E 2018, solidifying her passion and excitement for Amtgard as a whole.

Aki soon transferred to Crimson Circle in the year 2019 and offered a page belt from Hazel.

In 2020, aka the Plague Reign, ran by Sir Leshil Ful An MacTire, Aki was asked to make her first scroll. This marks the beginning of her more serious A&S career in Amtgard resulting in her Master Dragon by 2022. She is also known for her unique work in the Hype-o-Crat position, providing a portfolio of marketing and graphics to advertise Kingdom of Polaris events.

By this time Aki has also notably been in a new position for Polaris, Trash-o-Crat, for multiple M.A.M.E.'s and G.A.C's thus earning her the nickname "Trash Fairy", and further progression on her Rose path.

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