Aloysia "Saint" Maverick

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Aloysia "Saint" Maverick

"I will dickstab you through your asshole." ~ Me



Joined Amtgard in 2009, Saint co-founded Laughing Ronin with Afro Samurai. The original name of Kurokawa referred to Jacksonville but over the course of weeks, most of the members of Laughing Ronin came from outside Jacksonville so at a beach side chapter meeting, all 10 members voted to change the name.

As of June 28th, 2009, Laughing Ronin is defunct and as such, she claims no park, wanders aimlessly through Amtgard hellbent on having a good time and helping out.

Saint got lost in the world for a time and has only returned in the last month. Currently has her records kept by North River.

Affiliated Groups

Houselady of House Maverick

North River - Crashes the Jacksonville chapter once in a blue moon.

Kestrel Keep - Cherished in her heart

Notable Accomplishments

  • Compulsive Barbarian Chaser
  • Is a known liquor ninja... especially if the drink is right there in your hand.

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