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Lady Alura Crengrove of Nymyr's Sanctum

"Lady Crengrove's Crest"
Home Park Nymyr's Sanctum
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2004
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status None


Lady Alura joined Amtgard by way of Astral Winds, under the banner Dragonspine, in February 2004. She stepped up to serve the Duchy first as Regent and Monarch Pro-Tem, in 2005 and again as Regent Pro-Tem in 2013. In 2019 she joined The Kingdom of Westmarch and is currently serving as Sheriff of Nymyr's Sanctum.

Lady Alura Crengrove

Titles of Nobility

Belt Line


Affiliations & Projects

Alura is affiliated with a small number of households, companies, and project initiatives. With a desire to help grow the game she takes inspiration from influential Amtgarders that have come before. Her focus is on fostering a healthy A&S culture and encouraging others to grow their leadership skills.

Household Affiliations

  • House of the Golden Hearth - A merchant household and traveling camp to house, feed, and inspire the weary traveler.
  • The Rose & Lion Study Guild - A study guild dedicated to actively improving all aspects of Amtgard leadership.

Company Affiliations

  • Arbiters of Derilis - Now defunct.

Park History


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