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Squire Amethyse Amazon Esq, of Many Places

”The Quest for Execllence is a Life Long Process”



Started Amtgard in 1995 at the Duchy of Pegasus Valley in Albuquerque, NM. Contributed to park as a scribe for a short time. Here I joined my first battle company the Saracens, as well as the households, Darkjester, Amazons, and Angels of Chaos. I was also given my page belt by Sir Egil. In 1998 I moved from Peagsus Valley to the Kingdom of Dragonspine for 6 short months. Later I found my self in 1999 at the Dutchy of Tori Mar in the Celestial Kingdom. I held the office of Duchess unfortunately not for a full term, before I move to the Wetlands were I resided for many years. I recieved my squires belt while there to Sir Father Thomas Von Draken. I also left my company the Saracens and my household the Darkjesters. After a short time with out a fighting company I picked up the colors of the White Tiger Company and wear them proudly. I moved from the Wetlands in 2004 to the Kingdom of Goldenvale where I was last seen playing. I am currently out of the country and missing the game.

Affiliated Groups

Amazons Angels of Chaos White Tigers

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Father Thomas Von Draken, who was Squire to Arion who was Squire to Zircon.

Notable Accomplishments

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