Amtgard Director of Technology

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Amtgard Director of Technology

The Amtgard Director of Technology was created by the Amtgard International Board of Directors shortly after the formation of the AIBOD in the Summer of 2015.

First to be appointed to this position was Meggido who served from the Summer of 2015 to the Gathering of the Clans 2018. The current Amtgard Director of Technology is Pahyum who has served since the Gathering of the Clans 2018 to present.

When the technical committee was formed it was Amtgard International's first subcommittee. Thus the Amtgard Director of Technology was placed in charge of an abundance of tasks which included all of Amtgard's technology assets and literally anything online in any fashion. Since then, AI has created more subcommittees to streamline the handling of other tasks such as social media, marketing, etc to better account for effective task management.

The Amtgard Director of Technology is responsible for managing Amtgard's technology resources and their teams: ORK, Wiki, and Amtgard's website. The Director also coordinates with Amtgard International on management of Amtgard's general online resources, such as documentation and access requests. Along with this the Director provides general aid tasks as they come up such as managing Amtgard's volunteer recruitment website, creating landing pages for other committees, etc.

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