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Page Andreana Tate, of Blightstone Hallow, Shire of Goldenvale.



Andreana is part of the Mika/Meka Alliance (it's spelled differently depending which one of them you ask) and can decide when we napalm the banana phone on the speedboat and send it out to sea.

Also, the one who wears the pants in the Mika/Meka/St G/Terrance bromance.

Joined Blightstone Hallow in Sept 2012.

Affiliated Groups

  • Esen Harem
  • Crew of the Phantom Skull
  • The Mika-Meka Alliance
  • Coast Guard - Ensign

Notable Accomplishments

  • Yet to be killed (OOC)
  • Killed (IC)
  • Has the diet of a nine-year old
  • Once attacked the entire 42nd Infantry Division armed with naught but a plastic spoon

Belted Family

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The famed Mika-Meka Alliance!

More Information

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