Andrew MacAulay

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Count Andrew MacAulay, of Radiant Valley Winter's Edge Neverwinter



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Andrew began playing Amtgard shortly before Clan X.
Member of Mordengaard 93-98
Member of Mystic Glade 98-01 & 04-Current
Member of Inland Ocean 01-04
Aka Mike the Healer
Aka The B or just B
Known for his gigantic softball chin

Affiliated Groups

Member of The Seraphim
House lord of Sons of Ra, a "fighting household"
Full Lantern in the Green Lantern Corp., a service household
Former member of Roger's Raiders
Former member of Steel Dragons as Mike the Healer
Although not on the list, last time he checked with Squeak! he was a member of House Lionesse
NOT a member of the Asayrians inspite of the picture of his awesomeness on their wikipage

Notable Accomplishments

Chancellor of Mordengaard
Duke of Mordengaard
Baron of Mystic Glade
Champion of Mordengaard
Regent of Mordengaard
Regent of Mystic Glade
Regent of Winter's Edge
PM of Winter's Edge x 2
Prince of Winter's Edge x 3
Champion of Winter's Edge
Title of Baron given by King Sable Cacophony of Wetlands
Title of Count given by Queen Lorelie of Neverwinter
Has 5 Orders of the Dufus

Additional Images

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More Information

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