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Andromeda Silverthorn, Shire of Eternal Wolf


Seen here with her boyfriend Feanix and their dog Molly


Andromeda began playing Amtgard in the Duchy of Wavehaven in November of 2011 in order to spend time with her longtime boyfriend Feanix. She quickly developed a love for the Arts & Sciences, garb making in peticular. Doing quite well, In her first two weeks of attendance she put together seven amazing entries, including a hand sewn dress, and competed in Wavehaven's winter Qrown Qualifications.

She now regularly attends the shire of Eternal Wolf in Reno, Nevada, where she currently goes to college.

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She has had an article published on E-Sam about children in Amtgard which can be read here

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Andromeda writes a blog that is dedicated to garbing and costuming that caintains pictures and various How-To Guides.