Apudne Tevelme

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Amtgard Chapter
Apudne Tevelme png-from-vecter.png
Apudne Tevelme
Kingdom Freeholds.gif Freehold
Status shire
City Durant, Oklahoma
Park NA
Meets on NA
Founded 2010
Active No

A Defunct Freehold Chapter, located in Durant, Oklahoma



Apudne Tevelme was formed when a group of wanderers and a Death Knight looking to find a place to call their own, joined forces and took down a necromancer. The lands around them are still wild and the threat of attack is constant, yet they are slowly making progress and attracting more to their banner!! Soon the travelers between Emerald Hills southern parks and the northern Confederacy of Dreadmoor, shall be safe for all.



Sheriff: Stripe Frostsorrow

Regent: none

Prime Minister: none

Champion: none

Contacts and Directions

Contact: The current sheriff at apudne@live.com