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White, Blue, Yellow
White Cross with Wings highlighted in yellow.
Garb Device
The outline of the cross and wings in blue on a white field.


  • Lord - Cervantes- Principal Archangel Of Powers

"An Archangel is a being of immense power, one who has crossed beyond the boundaries of Existence and ascended to a higher perspective of the Cosmos. Each Archangel has an absolute hold on a piece of the Heavens; they use servants like Celestials and Angels to further consolidate their hold on reality."
-From the Celestial Codex-

In the summer of 2006 while in Carlsbad New Mexico Smiley Spiritpaw also known as Cervantes was kicked out of the Dark Riders due to inactivity while living in Carlsbad. With this happening and no field in his town Smiley was going to quit the game, but soon had second thoughts and felt he could create something better than what he had left. With that thought, He decided to start a new company, and this was the very beginning of the Archangels. Smiley, Shammah, Ragnorak, and Tupos where the original four and beginning of the company. After 10 years of existing as a company a vote was taken in June of 2016 for the company to become a household. With the vote passing the Archangels are now a household dedicated to service and fighting in the game of amtgard.

The Archangels are a household based on Biblical history and principles. The leadership is made up of a Lord and the members of the house. The house's members all fall in to one of three tiers, Dominion (Leadership), Virtue (Fighting), and Power (Communicator), all of which are names of part of the Hierarchy of Angels. The company was officially registered with the Kingdom of the Golden Plains January 1st 2007. Then officially became a household in June of 2016.

Allies of the Archangels
Legion of the Black Cross

Active Archangels

The Houses membership spans that of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains, the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills and the Kingdom of Westmarch.

King's Point

Midnight Sun

Dark Oasis

Nine Willows

  • Kage - Archangel of Virtues

Thor's Refuge



Legacy of Members

  • Shammah - (Principal Archangel Of Virtues)
  • Ragnorak- (Principal Archangel Of Powers)
  • Tupos - (Archangel Of Dominions)
  • Sir Smiley - (Principal Archangel of Powers)

Fallen & Lost

Retired & MIA Members

  • Saerah Eledhwen -Disciple- MIA
  • Mojo - Archangel of Virtues - MIA
  • Ember- Disciple- MIA
  • Ajax - Disciple- Retired
  • Rashier - Archangel of Powers - MIA
  • Swish - Archangel of Virtues - Retired
  • Adrach - Principlal Archangel Of Virtues - Retired
  • Knarf - Archangel of Virtues - MIA
  • Ragnorak- Principal Archangel Of Powers - MIA
  • Armand Thibideaux - Archangel of Virtues - MIA
  • AEthelhelm - Archangel of Powers - MIA
  • Gidion - Archangel of Virtues - Retired
  • Shammah a.ka. "Chuckles' - Principal Archangel Of Virtues - Retired
  • Tupos - Archangel Of Dominions - Retired
  • Lyric the Brave - Disciple - Retired

Fallen Angels:



This was the very Beginning of the archangels.
Left to right are: Doughboy, Cervantes, Ragnorak, & Shammah.

1005619_10200220141522592_360720789_n.jpg New Generation of Archangels.