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In the words of Aramithris: “Archon is not about kicking ass, Archon is not about missionary work, Archon is not about being safe in an unfriendly sea.... Archon is about Light, the Light that cannot be conquered, the Light that is so loving that it is brave no matter what, the Light that does not gratify itself but seeks to build a better world out of that darkness. Archon is about a future, the future, for us all.”



Colours are Blue, White and Gold. The device consists of an angelic motif, wings conjoined in leure. Tunics typically have said device.


A Fighting Company originating in the Burning Lands. It was founded by Aramithris in the aftermath of the Claw Legion split.


Archon was born from the break up of the Claw Legion in early 1999, taking with it Claw's best and brightest. Archon made their first appearance at Clan XVII. The founding members of Archon were Aramithris (Captain), Bolt (Sergeant), Crinos, Gwynne, Kayrana, Raphael, Scarhart, Orion, and Phocion. At the following Clan (XVIII, 2000) Ariona, Garik, and Wovoka became members. Alara was inducted into the company at the annual Christmas party in 2002 with Vinall and Sespa inducted at Clan XXI and the Christmas party respectively the following year. Following the retirement of Aramithris, Garik became captain of the company. Voltar was inducted at Clan XXVII (2009), Lumpy the following year at Clan XXVIII (2010). In 2012 Raphael became the third Captain. Sylvanista was inducted the following year at Clan XXXI.

The past decade has seen a decline of the company, with many of its members becoming inactive or dying. As of 2022 it is in a re-building phase with the most stalwart members doing their best to bring the light to an increasingly dark world.

Members include:

Retired/inactive Members:

Former Members:

Additional Pictures

Members of Archon at MAME.
From left:Crinos, Garik, Alara, Raphael, Sylvanesta, Lumpy.

From left: Garik, Gwynne, Raphael, Crinos, Aramithris, Kayrana.
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