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The Argent Helm are a fighting company primarily based in Wolvenfang, however have made exceptions in the past and expanded outside the borders of Canada adding members in Ohio and Maryland. If you are interested in becoming a Helmer, please speak with any member repeatedly and at length about it whenever you see them at an event.

Our device is a fer helm within a sable shield on a argent standard.


Established in September 2003 as the brainchild of Squire Siris, MaA Shoen and Squire Yoshito, The Order of the Argent Helm was originally founded with the principles to bring in newer members and under-skilled fighters to develop overall fighting prowess.

With passing time and members on the international scale, The Order of the Argent Helm moved away from the teaching component and began establishing themselves as a fighting unit on the Amtgard field.

Currently the company strives through continued training and development of it's members to be a dominant and recognizable force in the game known as Amtgard. The Argent Helm expects it's members to not only be well-trained fighters but to also be mature and respectable members of Amtgard's game-world and of normal life.


Order of the Flame, given by Duke Thistle, August, 2004

Member List: