Argus Runeaxe

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Argus Runeaxe, of Dark Shores, Rising Winds


"Never corner a barbarian. You will become the path of least resistance." Sefice Doomsinger to the three other guys on his team, who were trying to push Argus into a wall, when he was the last guy left on his team. Argus won.

"Argus! Go in there and kill him." "I wanna watch this fight. I wanna know who wins." "Fuck that, I want to win this game. Kill that archer." "I understand that. I want to watch." Argus tells Akuma that winning isn't everything. Argus and Akuma won the game for their team.

"Some times it's not what you say, it's how friggin cool you look not saying it!"


Argus Runeaxe The Slightly Restrained his first day was back in early 2009, after Akuma's cousin told him of the game. His interest was perked and he began playing regularly in the spring of 2010 after friend and co-worker Odinish told him where to go to play.

The tale of Argus as told by Akuma-

Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

The sky filled with clouds darkened as a being of great air and power ran across the field of battle. Sword behind him he hurled himself in to the sky. With a mighty roar of awesome power he landed among his enemies. Shields shattered. Pikes splintered. Men ran in terror. With true barbaric force and power, of the mighty ancients themselves, he cleaved through his foes. Rending flesh from bone. Like a tornado of death and blood, he was unrelenting. Stopping only when none survived.

As silence fell among the carnage, that he had created, he walked on.


But that is a tale for another time.

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Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Hates mirrors. Because the only thing Argus Runeaxe is afraid of, is Argus Runeaxe.

Great fighting talent, but is slightly restrained.

Argus and his Lieutenant Sefice Doomsinger own the field in battle games at Dark Shores

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