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Arkana of Wolvenfang, in the Principality of Nine Blades

”If you only do what you can do, you will never be more then you are now.” - Master Shifu


Arkana knows not from where she came, found in a basket left on an innkeepers stoop, she has grown up to believe she is nothing but a mistake. Working hard since the age of five has left her strong and befriending the inn's cook has left her hefty. One would think that's she would be jaded and weary, for she has had to endure much from the patrons of the alehouse. However by some twist of fate she has found herself to be incautiously optimistic, witty, care free and kind hearted. She sees people in their darkest moments and always offers a kind word to help guide them back on a righteous path (even if for a moment).

​She had accepted that the life of a wench would be her story. That is until one fateful day... On this day a brawl commenced and as always she scampered out of the way. Four disdainful bandits were circling one hooded figure. Arkana looked on with dread for surely he would meet his fate. The room then flashed with blue light and one bandit was wounded. A second flash as white light stemmed forth from the hooded figure and another bandit stood frozen. The hooded man jumped from the window into the street and onto his steed as one bandit readied his bow. Arkana reached for a stone by her foot a threw it, her aim was poor but distracted the archer enough for his arrow to miss its mark. Arkana, fearing for her life jumped out the window, tripping on the pane she fell out and onto the street. Shaking herself off from a fall was easy, for with her clumsy nature, this was a honed skill. She stammered onto the street and was now facing the hooded man. The man seeing this cumbersome exit feared that leaving her behind would possibly cost her life. He reached for her hand, and not so gracefully, she clambered onto his steed. It is funny how those split second decisions are sometimes the ones that alter life’s path.

​They raced on for hours then under the safety of the forest and darkness; the hooded man thanked her for her bravery and offered to take her to the world beyond the mist. Not having any alternative, she left the world she knew for a world filled with unknowns. The only thing she knew was she would now have to learn to fight if she wished to survive.

​They rode for days, Arkana’s companion scarcely saying a word only the occasional command. After a few days of riding they turned off the main road, onto a path that could scarcely be seen for nature was encroaching, almost as though to reclaim the land. After a short while, they rode up to a stone building, or what remained of it that is. The east wing was almost in complete rubble, there was a small courtyard and a small fenced in garden. Half a dozen monks were noted to be the residents of this building. The hooded figure left her with the monks knowing that they could keep her hidden and safe. She took up residence in the one room that was still semi functional in the east wing. At the monastery she began learning through reading the various books in the library. She befriended a small group of barbarians that lived a few miles off (well they no longer threatened to kill her, and to her that was friendship), spent time in the woods and talked to all those who would listen (the monks were not the chattiest of people). Soon this was not enough and she began practicing the martial arts that she saw the monks doing in the courtyard every morning. Arkana’s aptitude for martial arts could only best be described as that of a newly born fawn’s ability to walk. Then the ice witch came; as hordes of undead were seen throughout the land, she left the safety of the monastery (during the night as she knew this would not fall into the ¨keep her safe¨ directions of the hooded figure). Equipped with a few weapons and a mace and axe gifted to her from the barbarians (they surely thought that she needed all the help she could get when setting off to fight the undead) she went off to fight for the land that she was starting to call home. She soon banded with a small group of people and together they fought side by side the undead. With this group a company of adventurers was soon formed.

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