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”I f##king hate Javascript.”

Player Ash KCG.jpgAsh, Feast of Dead 2021
Started 2021
Allegiance The Kindred Truth
Discord them fatale#0001
Facebook Valory Fox


Though attending a couple of park days in 2019, Ash didn't start Amtgard in earnest until 2021, finding their home in Rising Sun Station, part of the Kingdom of Crystal groves.

Ash is a non-combatant, known for their digital art and graphic design work, craft of their own garb, and volunteering work within amtgard.


During late 2021, Ash begun work in secret to create a freely available website intended to offer an entirely new set of award templates, seeking to raise the quality of non-handmade awards and to make the lives of monarchs drastically easier. After hundreds of hours of work, they released it publicly in 2022.

Arcanyst automates adding heraldry and park names to the templates it offers, level variants for each rank, and adding text such as award reasons. It also allows for composing many awards at once to print at the same time, as well as offering the ability to import a list of awards from Google Sheets. In addition, Ash created a system to link players to their Ork profiles and perform various validation checks, hoping to reduce the number of errors made when handing awards out.


Ash is a scholar of the Kindred Truth, known to be a religious order of Ash's homeland. Despite being an arcanist with an exceptional grasp of magical theory, they refuse to use magic themselves, noting the magic from their world to be extraordinarily dangerous and perhaps incompatible with the fabric of Amtgardia's reality.

Ash is known not to fight, claiming to take a neutral stance with political and military conflicts. They're also known to be clumsy and; despite being a scholar, often forgetful.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Revamping the heraldries for all of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves.
  • 2nd place overall in their first ever Kingdom-level Dragonmaster, at KCG's Feast of Dead event.
  • Creating Arcanyst, a set of high quality award templates and web tool for composing them.

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