August 15th 2011

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Around the Amtworld

  • Join the Amtgard page on facebook for updates on events, chapters, and questions.
  • Sword Knight Boot Camp 2012 will be in YMCA Camp Shaver Jemez Springs New Mexico, in April or May
  • Neverwinter has been selected to host 2011 Olympiad, in January 2012

Burning Lands

Emerald Hills

  • Chainmail workshop Aug. 27th will be held at Mourningwood Glen by Loor Forum post
  • Dragonmaster will be held on Aug. 27th-28th at Midnight Shire and Eagleshire respectively more info Forum post
  • Declarations for PM are now open elections Sep. 3rd-4th more info Forum post
  • August 27th-28th, Weapon Master, Dragon Master, Midnight Rain/Eagle Shire (subsequently)
  • Midreign on Sep. 9th-11th Tanglewood Forest
  • World Banner Wars XII! Oct. 13th-16th EH Forum
  • Nov 26th-27th Enreign
  • Coronation Dec 16th-18th Tanglewood Forest

Celestial Kingdom

  • Mid-reign is Aug. 19th-21st Yahoo post held in Giddings, Tx at Fireman's park
  • Food fight activities will be held alongside the crown visit to Nocturnis Sep 17th. Yahoo post
  • Crown quals at Sanguine University Oct. 1st
  • End reign Nov 4th-6th at Fireman's park, Giddings TX

Golden Plains

Iron Mountains

  • The Duchy of Querna Tema is again hosting Summer Trials the weekend after Labor day (September 9th, 10th and 11th). Summer Trials is Querna Tema's company on company event, last year we had over 100 and I would like to see closer to 200. $13 for gate.
  • Mid-stock event Sep. 23rd Forum post


  • Fury of the Northlands September 2nd-5th forum post


  • Harvest of Souls War XVI Sep. 2nd-5th RV Rally site, Caballo State Park, Caballo NM Yahoo post
  • Tournament at Harvest war at Caballo State Park Sep 3rd for the Food Fight
  • Crown Quals will be October 8th


  • Collegium will August 13th with A&S classes at the Grangerland Community Center thread
  • Midreign XXXI September 23rd-25th Lake Houston Park, New Caney, TX post


  • Falling Fire Midreign on Aug 21st Yahoo post
  • Summer Kingdom Coronation will The event will be held as a day event at Bill Fredrick Park at Turkey Lake in Orlando on Saturday on August 20 but it will be filled with fun,fighting, great food and great socializing. The price is $5.00 per person. RSVP is mandatory for Feast
  • Winters Edge coronation will be held September 9th at Harrison Bay State Park.


  • Pac War 13 Website is up website
  • Bids for Winterbash 2012 are now being accepted message

Rising Winds

  • Keep on the Borderlands 2 releases their website

Crystal Groves

  • Ruby Hills Coronation and BBQ August 28 at Noon at WVU campus behind the rec center in the park
  • Feast of the dead 2011 September 16th-18th Indian Springs Campground Big Pool. Maryland CG Forum
  • Carnival day Oct 9th, at Hamilton park Forum post

Desert Winds

  • Dragon Blade Wars IX August 18th - 21st in Welcome, Nevada
  • Desert Rose steup up day, feast, game day Sep. 3rd Yahoo message

Tal Dagore

  • Cordis Invitation Company Battle Sep. 4th at Arnold City park in Arnold Mo Forum post

Freeholds Chapters

  • The chapter of Raven's Nest Mankato, Minnesota submitted their contract.