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Kairyk Aurona, of Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale.



An adventurous young orphan who found herself in the Lotus Village many years back, Aurona was left for dead as her parents ran off to unknown regions of the world. She was found and taken in by Talin and Zoradon, who were also a bit in-and-out of her life. Practically raised by herself, Aurona is a confident, though a touch crazy, up-and-comer. She is a tad childish, and sometimes annoying, but she always means well. After being left behind again as Zoradon and Talin ran off on some crazy mission from the Elders, the 19-year-old druid girl decided she'd go off on her own adventure. A journey to the cities! She'd seek out so much adventure there! Though, she soon realized life was harder then she thought. Learning the ins and outs of pickpocketing, Aurona stole only to survive. But while learning this little trade, Aurona discovered something else about herself. A secret. A Hengeoki is what the old man called her. She had no idea what that meant, but for a fraction of a minute, she had had a tail....and ears.....and whiskers. Cat pieces! Aurona's head spun as she tried to focus on what was happening. She looked around for the old man. She had so much to ask, and was so fearful of what he knew about her that he shouldn't....more then she did herself.

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