Avery Kess

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Duke Sir Avery Kess, of the Wetlands.

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Avery began his Amtgard career in Irongate (Lubbock, TX) in the Kingdom of the Golden Plains in the fall of 1990. Moved to the Wetlands in 1997 and was active until about 2002. Has been dormant for several years, but may appear occasionally for special events.

Affiliated Groups

Formerly a member of the Wardancers, Avery is currently unaffiliated.

Belted Family

Former squire to Sir Guy Kasama, Former knight to Sir Kandon

Belt Lineage: Sir Guy Kasama -> Sir Ivar Nefarious -> Sir Caleom -> Sir Nevron

Notable Accomplishments



  • Duke of Irongate three times
  • Baron of Irongate two times, Jan 1992 - June 1993


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