Avian Hold

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Avian Hold

Avian Hold was a small splinter group founded by William Dayshade (Volkmar).


Dayshade was unhappy with the world of Amtgard, so he set out to forge his own kingdom.

He gathered his closest friends and allies, and brought about the rise of a small hold.

Avian Hold, it was a shining beacon to those who could not enter fully into the world of Amtgard.

Dayshade stood at its head as it's king, with his queen and a small band of knights.

They fought hard, toasted their victories, and had all the world to gain.

But it was not to last.

The king was young and foolhardy.

Too late he saw his mistake, and lost the love of his queen.

He left the lands in the hands of the King of the OtherWhere, and departed in disgrace.

Now Avian Hold lies in ruin, crumbling remains of dreams once glowing.

And the former king, now the Felled King, wonders the mists alone.

Internal strife split the group apart in 2013 causing it to become defunct, and to disappear into the mists of the past.