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Lady Dame Awendela Yilane, of Wolfheim of the Principality of Polaris in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds

”Hang on, I got this.”



Awendela started playing Amtgard in 2013. She jumped right in to playing Healer and then made various arts and crafts for tournaments before finding her calling in the service aspect of the game.

In addition to serving as Prime Minister for Wolfheim and later the Principality of Polaris, she ran the Wolfheim Meetup group, participated in ORK and AmtWiki updates, and created an ORK user's guide for local PM's.

Awendela continues to contribute to Polaris and Rising Winds by assisting or running events. This can range from teaching a first aid class for RW, to serving as Gateocrat at GAC, to spending hours leading teams in a dungeon crawl for the Polaris event Dungeon Day. Her main focus now is in organizing/assisting/running feasts for Polaris, Rising Winds and Keep on the Borderlands.

Affiliated Groups

roger_raiders_th.gif A member of Roger's Raiders.

Belted Family

Awendela is Squire to Sir Shady. Shady was squired to Sir Megiddo sel Esdraelon. Sir Megiddo was paged to Baron Stoner. Baron Stoner is squired to Sir Morgan Ironwolf of the Emerald Hills. Sir Morgan Ironwolf was squired to Sir Fnord Farthing, who was squired to Sir Michael Hammer of God.

Sir Michael Hammer of God (Crown 1991), (Sword 1992), (Flame 1995), (Serpent 2003)

I:Sir Chado (Sword)

II:Squire Rhys
III:Squire Vlar

V:Sir Fnord (Crown)(Sword) (Flame)

VI:Squire Peregrine
VII:Squire Hayden
VIII:Squire Maldread
IX:Sir Jabberwock (Sword)

X:Squire Kain-IM
XI:Sir Magnus Heartseeker (Flame)

XII:Ser Agustus (Crown) (Sword)

XIII: Sir Lilly Sunshine

XIV: Squire Nike Laurier
XV: Squire Merric

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Flame, bestowed by Kaadiart Hearts AnaMayn, in Rising Winds - 8/23/2016

Prime Minister of Wolfheim, 9/2013 - 3/2014

Prime Minister of The Principality of Polaris, 7/2014 - 5-2015

Title of Lady as per Baroness Jetamio of Rising Winds, 9/20/2014

Promoted to member of Rogers Raiders, Keep on the Borderlands 2014

Assist in Rogers Raiders win of Keep on the Borderlands, 2014

Master Rose awarded for Keep on the Borderlands main Feast, 2015

Feastocrat and multiple feasts for Rising Winds Coronations and End Reigns 2014-2016, including all meals for Rising Winds March coronation 2015


A stylized hawk flying at a rabbit over a field of snow with a sun/sky background, this heraldry is a nod towards her other pass time, falconry.

Additional Images

Awendela with the Raiders at Keep on the Borderlands IV, 9/2013.

Awendela as a secretary for Lex Luthor, preparing to lead a team of Villains through Arkham Asylum, Polaris Dungeon Day, 2/2015.

Group picture of Polaris, service Keep on the Borderlands, 9/2015.

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