Ayla Helstaven

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Baroness, Squire Ayla Helstaven, of Wyldewind Bridge, Principality of Rivermoor, under the Empire of the Iron Mountains

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Ayla started coming out to amtgard to spend more time with her husband Covus. After several years of sitting on the side lines, she stepped up in 2010 to become the Prime Minister of the Duchy of Olympus. After a reign as regent and several more reigns as Prime Minister in the Duchy of Olympus Ayla took a break from office.

September 2011 Ayla was squired by Dame Teleri ne Tema. Though Dame Teleri lost her battle with cancer September 2012, Ayla still lives by the example Dame Teleri presented and still has Dame Teleri as the voice in her head...usually telling her to calm down and take a deep breath.

In May 2013 Ayla, along with 5 others, started the Freehold of Wyldewind Bridge in Iowa City, IA.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Baroness - Given by Duke Bromos Alestone: Duchy of Olympus, February 2013
  • Duchy of Olympus Dragon Master - Given by Regant Owen, April 2012
  • Baronet - Given by Duchess Raion No Nanako, October 2011
  • Lady - Given by Duke Owen MacGregor- Duchy of Olympus, February 2011

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