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A chapter of HFS


Bhurtok is a prior, now disbanded, chapter of HFS, located in Farmer's Branch (a Dallas suburb), Texas that has had its fair share of Amtgard players join, play, and visit.

The chapter is friendly to Amtgard and encourages its members to accept visiting Amtgard players, as well as encouraging their members to occasionally play Amtgard. Members of Bhurtok may be seen playing at a number of Texas-Based Amtgard Events.

The chapter has been in HFS since 1998.




Bhurtok started officially in March 1998, when several members of the HFS East Plano chapter named Challain left to form a new HFS chapter. The decision was partially due to location, making it easier for several members to play the game, as well as to have a chapter both on Saturday and on Sunday. There were political reasons between the two factions as well, but ultimately not the major reason for the split, just a large contributor or catalyst.

Settling at the Greenbelt Park in Carrollton, the park started with Sir Slaughter as the reigning Monarch, and Sir Angus Og MacDonald as the Regent, and an average attendance of 30 people within the first 2 months. The park received regular attention from Amtgard, the Emerald Hills reigning Monarch Sir Forest Evergreen, Sir Zigful Sai Yuk, and Sir Leif visited the park regularly for a few months, which contributed to the park's friendly nature toward Amtgard where other HFS parks have not been.

There has been much animosity between Bhurtok and Challain over the years, much of it due to membership swapping, mostly from Challain to Bhurtok, some due to Challain moving its official meeting day from Sunday to Saturday to keep Bhurtok Players from visiting, as well as to keep their own members from going to Bhurtok.

Bhurtok has always been a bit heavier on the combat aspect of the game than the Role-Play than Challain, which led many of the younger players who were in the game for the sport rather than the dress-up to leave to join Bhurtok. A few went the other direction as well, seeking the atmosphere.

The park was also a heavy influence in the ex-Amtgard Principality of Kalladen joining HFS after Kalladen decided to leave Amtgard. Around a year after the principality left Amtgard they joined HFS after a meeting with several members of Bhurtok.

The park has fluctuated heavily in membership over the years, sometimes ranging as high as 40 members regular, to as low as 10. The park has had some very high profile and some very controversial players.


Regular Players

Occasional Visitors

Contacts and Directions

This HFS chapter uses Gussie Field Park at Farmer's Branch City Hall in Farmer's Branch Texas, Saturdays 1pm to dark. After being inactive for some time, the park is again active. Meeting from 1 o`clock under the pavillion or in the forest behind City Hall.

Belted Circle


  • Dame Anna de Bradfield - Knighted June 1998 for Arts & Sciences
  • Sir Gabriel of Bhurtok - Knighted September 1998 for Combat
  • Sir Angus Og MacDonald - Knighted 1999 for Service
  • Dame Metal - Knighted 1999 for Arts & Sciences
  • Dame Thuvia - Knighted 2000 for Service
  • Sir Gabriel of Bhurtok - Knighted 2000 for Service at CRW III.
  • Sir Nick Du'Mas - Knighted 2000 for Service at CRW III.
  • Sir Richard Silverthorne - Knighted 2000 for Combat
  • Sir Richard Silverthorne - Knighted 2002 for Service
  • Sir Richard Silverthorne - Knighted 2004 for Arts & Sciences
  • Sir Owen Woodruff - Knighted 2005
  • Dame Firiel - Knighted for Service, and Arts & Sciences
  • Sir Jinken - Knighted August 2, 2008 for Combat
  • Sir Brett - Knighted June 2008 for Combat at CRW XII

Location & Meeting Times

Bhurtok is located in Farmer's Branch Texas at the Farmer's Branch City Hall Park, Gussie Field. 13000 Wm Dodson Pkwy, Farmers Branch, TX 75234 The chapter meets every saturday around 1 o`clock under the pavillion or in the forest behind City Hall.