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Birds of Prey

”Truth, Honor, Vigilance”


The Official Blazon of The Birds of Prey, Kingdom of The Wetlands.


The Official Blazon of The Birds of Prey, Kingdom of The Valley of The Silver Rains.


The Birds of Prey refers to two separate fighting companies in Amtgard; the first of which was formed in the VSR, and the second of which was formed in The Kingdom of The Wetlands. The fact that these two companies share the same name is purely coincidental. Each company was formed independently of, and unaware of, the existence of the other. However, there are three striking coincidences concerning their creation that point to the fact that the two companies were destined to be allies and sister companies; the first involves the names of their creators, Grand Duke Sir Hawk, and Tellerian Hawke. The second is that they were formed on the same day (April 28) exactly two years apart. The third is that they both formed as a "Mercenary Guild and Fighting Company" combined. The chances of this happening purely by chance are astronomical, and yet, it did indeed happen in that manner.

The Birds of Prey of The VSR formed on April 28, 1995 as a Mercenary Guild, and Fighting Company. The original members numbered 3 Dukes, Duke Sir Falcon, Grand Duke Sir Raven, and Grand Duke Sir Hawk. Later they recruited more members to their ranks and were a very fierce and vicious company which specialized in hit and run tactics and skirmishing. Known for their curved scimitar short swords and high skill as Florentine fighters. A common tactic seen was that they would circle their prey, diving in for quick strikes and eventually collapsing in on their weakened foe. It is said that more than a few kings of VSR hired this company to protect them, or defeat powerful foes. In 2007 Duke Falcon died of surgical complications.

The Birds of Prey of The Wetlands was formed by Tellerian Hawke, on April 28, 1997. Tellerian (speaking of the origin of his company) said: "When I first thought of forming a fighting company in Amtgard, I thought: 'Ok, if I'm going to lead a fighting company, it will have to be named after me in some way. It should be associated with hawks, or with eagles, or falcons...' and then it came to me: Call it the 'Birds of Prey Company' and have all the ranks named after various birds of prey. At the time that I created B.O.P., I had no idea that the VSR company had ever existed, nor did I know of anyone who had ever been a member. The names of these two companies are simply a coincidence. Later on, I found out about the existence of the VSR B.O.P., and if I remember correctly, the leader and I (via an email discussion) decided that we both liked what the other company stood for, and also to form an alliance; the two companies were considered sister companies from that point onward. Keep in mind that this was about 15 years ago now (circa 1998 or thereabouts) so my memory of the details might be a little fuzzy; but that's more or less how it happened."

Website For Birds of Prey of The Wetlands

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Wetlands Birds of Prey Code of Honour

1: Meet Honour with Honour; Meet injustice with retribution. 2: Those without honour deserve no mercy, and even less respect. Return injustice upon the enemy threefold, so that he will come to fear our wrath. 3: The Honourable opponent is to be shown Honour, Respect, and Chivalry, and when necessary, Mercy; for by having the courage to act with Honor, he or she has earned these things in return from us. 4: If a Birds Of Prey member feels that a given action they are about to undertake is wrong, for whatever reason, they should not do it. To go against one's own morals is to embrace cowardice; It requires courage to do the right thing. 5: Birds of Prey should always stand by their home Kingdom in Mult-kingdom events, and should put aside petty differences until the event has ended. Our loyalty is to the Kingdoms we call home, and that takes precedence over all other considerations.

Wetlands Birds of Prey Affiliated Groups

The chapter of Ravenswood.

Members [Wetlands Birds of Prey]

Corpse - Order of the Ebon Kite [Middle Grade Officer]
Deathwind Grail - (Celestial Kingdom) Grand Order of the Osprey [Full Grade Officer]
Estalla Marie Forsaken - Order of the Ebon Kite [Middle Grade Officer]
Farris - Grand Order of the Spirithawk [Full Grade Officer]
Lord Erin Forsaken - Order of the Ebon Hawk [Middle Grade Officer]
Lyrianna - Initiate of the Raven [Junior Grade Officer]
MiQitt - Household Only - Initiate of the Shrike [Junior Grade Officer]
Momma Lizard Grail - Household Only - Order of the Crimson Hawk [Middle Grade Officer]
Pixy - Grand Order of the Fire Hawk [Full Grade Officer]
Ruby - Order of the Crimson Hawk [Middle Grade Officer]
Swiper - Order of the Ebon Hawk [Middle Grade Officer]
Teegra - Initiate of the Shrike [Junior Grade Officer]
Tellerian Hawke - (The Wetlands) Grand Order of the Elder Eagle [Full Grade Officer] [Honorary Rank]
Thore - Initiate of the Shrike [Junior Grade Officer]
Watson Foehammer Forsaken - Order of the Ebon Hawk [Middle Grade Officer]
Gale Ortega - Household Only - Initiate of the Shrike [Junior Grade Officer]

Members [VSR Birds of Prey] [Incomplete List]

Aristiri Skiiesdottir

Jerago Roulaire

Duncan Grey

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