Black Seraphs

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We're a high standard combative company that focuses mainly on leadership, devotion, camaraderie, and a good attitude toward the game. We're honorable fighters that strive for greatness amongst our peers.

In all other aspects of the game (roleplay, construction, questing, etc) we are highly competitive and encourage a healthy dose of good-hearted competition wherever we go.

We try our best to uphold a sense of honour and friendship. To join and belong to our group of close knit adventurers you must first:

  • Have been in amtgard for no less than six months
  • Have shown a great interest and love of the game
  • Have helped out at one or more events
  • Shown a healthy, competitive spirit
  • Loyalty and friendship is a must. You must be able to demonstrate loyalty and friendship to your peers and to your superiors.
  • Show honour on the battlefeild (unless playing an assassin)
  • Show great martial skill (or great improvement)
  • Be able to extend a certain (personal) skill to the group and be able to share it with us.
  • Be invited by a senior member (at which point you'll be under supervision to see if you fit the criteria)


The Black Seraphs started in the Shire of Ravenwing during their second annual Raven's Call event in August 2005 - Ten minutes before the company battle. An hour later they had tied for first place with the Brotherhood of the Dens and the White Boars. This group of comrades has stuck together since that day, honing their skills and striving for excellence. In an attempt to revitalize the company Ray VonWolf tried to add in a few newer member's and train them. This has resulted in failure and the company is now basically dead.

Member list: