Blackspire Althing August 2008

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My Lords and Ladies,

The Kingdom of Blackspire will be holding their Kingdom Elections, Champions Tourney, Guildmaster Elections, and Althing this Saturday August 16th at The One Park (Creston Park, 44th & Powell in Portland, OR) starting at 12 Noon. As there is an item on the Althing docate that may change how the Champions Tourney is held, we will take care of the Althing first and we will start this at 1:00 PM.

Althing Items: 1. Last reign there was a corpora addendum that limited the Champions Tourney to only those people who intended to take the job of Champion. There has been a request to remove this item. This was brought up for discussion at the last Althing and will be voted on at this Althing.

2. There is a Coprora Addendum to require the Crown Qualifications and the Kingdom Elections be held within 50 miles of the Kingdom center. This item was discussed at the last Althing and will be voted on at this one.

3. We currently have lands on our books that do not have people meeting at them any longer. Per our corpora, to remove these lands from the Kingdom it requires an Althing vote. We will be voting on these lands. They include Deep Water Gorge in Vancouver, WA; Sylvan Fenn in Newburg, OR; and Nightwood in St. Helens, OR. The Dallas, OR group was originally discussed as part of this, but it would seem there are people trying to get this going again. This will need to be discussed at the Althing. If there are people meeting at any of these lands, please contact me or Sir Fodder as soon as possible.

4. According to our Corpora, Guildmaster elections are scheduled to occur on the same day as Crown Qualifications and the War Master tournament. It has become common place for GM Elections to get moved to the day of Kingdom Elections as Crown Qualifications can be a very busy day. As this has become the "norm," there is an addendum to move GM Elections to the day of Kingdome Elections. This will be opened up for discussion, no vote will take place at this time.

5. Currently in our Corpora the option to hold a tournament to select our next Monarch is still available. There is a corpora addendum to remove this option as it has not been used yet in Blackspire. The people of Blackspire have also become use to electing their monarch. This will be opened up for discussion, no vote will take place at this time.

If I have missed something for this Althing, please let me know. I don't have my notes in front of me at the moment and may have missed something. Also, if you would like to see anything else on this Althing docket, please let me know.

Kingdom Elections: We only have one candidate for each position. Sir Tseng is running unopposed for Monarch and Aristiri is running unopposed for Regent. Both candidates have passed Crown Qualifications.

Champions Tourney: The Champions Tourney will be a double-elimination, open weapon bracket. If the Champions Tourney remains closed to only those fighting to become Champion (per Althing vote), then there will be a second tourney scheduled open to everyone.

Please let me know if there is anything I have missed for this day. This should be a busy day so I recommend that everyone come out early and plan to stay late so we can get through all of this and still have time to have some fun.

In Service, King Darrian II