Blackstone Sages

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Blackstone Sages, Shire

A defunct Shire of the Kingdom of Blackspire, under the Grand Duchy of Stormhaven located in Moscow, ID.


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A small group founded in September of 2004 by Rowan and Hannoske. After some trouble with paperwork, the Burning Lands signed our contract on January 14, 2006. The land has had a little trouble with numbers, and has maintained an average attendance of 5 people per month. We try to keep strong ties to the neighboring Grand Duchy of Stormhaven. For a more detailed history see the Blackstone Sages History. Note: This chapter is inactive.


Prime Minister: Numzo
Sheriff: Numzo
Regent: Numzo
Champion: Numzo
(In transition)

Blackstone Sages People

Information and Contacts

We meet August 20 - May 1 Sundays at 12, and Wednesdays at 5. During the summer the schedule gets bounced around a lot due to small amounts of people, and travel schedules. I recommend you call the current prime minister to confirm current meeting days.

We meet at the University of Idaho, in front of the Theophelus Tower (the tall dormitory). If you look up the Ork Atlas, and zoom in, there is a pretty good map of the location. For parking on the weekends, go down Rayburn (off of highway) across from Wendy's, and park in the lot on the right, after the train tracks. There is no non-permit parking on weekdays, so plan accordingly.

For more information on the Blackstone Sages, you can find us on Yahoo.jpg or on the 75px-Orkicon.gif

  • Monarch:Numzo
  • Regent: none (insert phone number)
  • Records: none (insert phone number)
  • Questions: Hannoske 208-301-8205