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The History of the Shire of the Blackstone Sages

On a shadowy night two people got together to scheme. The time had come for them to leave the shire of Cage Valley. Hannoske and Rowan decided to start their own shire in a new land. The purpose was to give people a place to learn, both the arts and sciences, and the skills of the sword. Rowan amassed the advertising skills, and Hannoske took care of the politics, and the armament. All they needed was an army to support their cause. It was decided that they would recruit in the new land.

They set off in August of 2004 and chose a land ripe with resources, both for the mind, and from the earth. They decided to name it the shire of the Blackstone Sages, after the large basalt deposits, and the locals studying to become sages at the nearby universities. The recruiting began.

One of the first people to show an interest in the group was Gerrick. A warrior of another land, Avalon (live steel/shinai), he was fairly proficient with a sword, and a worthy addition to the new land. Soon to follow was Wolf a middle weight with a military history. With these base additions, the time was right to formally found the shire. A contract was signed and sent out to the Burning Lands.

The going was rough, but progress was made. After multiple submissions of the contract, and much time, they received word that our contract was signed on 14 January 2006. With much elation and joy, the goal was realized. The minds of the people were set on fun. But alas, one of the founders, Rowan, had taken interest in activities outside of Amtgard, and was lost. Also, Ahmad had decided to seek wisdom in another land. With but a few people, and the arrival of yet another Cage Valley member, Kit, the shire continued. At this time, the main attendees were Wolf, Gerrick, Kit, and Hannoske. With a few visits from Angelfish, Cloyde(aka Patsy), Alucard, Farvana, and C.

With the onset of the next term(fall '06), another person from Cage Valley had arrived. Shi'Rite came, prepared to make waves. Immediately he ran for Sheriff. With Hannoske's return as Prime Minister, it was brought before the land to obtain a sponsor. After much discussion, it was decided that the land would apply to the Kingdom of Blackspire. In addition it was decided that joining the crownlands of the Grand Duchy of Stormhaven would be beneficial to the land. Word was received on 3 February 2007 that Stormhaven had accepted the shire. Then on 10 February 2007, Hannoske was informed that Blackspire would sponsor the Blackstone Sages. With this new connection forged, and people supporting the shire, the future looked bright.

With a rather bleak summer('07), and the loss of 4 major people from the group, the hopes of all were waining. But after a couple recruiting events at the right times, a new wave of people were found! Some Belegarth people joined up, as well as some new freshman at the university. Recently the land has seen numbers as high as 17 unique sign-ins. As a move to better the land, The Blackstone Sages has sponsored a school club, called the Medieval Combat Society. The group combines elements of both Amtgard and Belegarth, and allows for a wider acceptance of players. With affiliation in the university, and a large influx of players, the goals of the founders are finally being seen.

In the spring of 2008 the Belegarth players staged a coo. They have risen up and formed their own independent land, dedicated solely to Belegarth. They call it Keld. Some people from each group still cross play, but now there is a rift where some people feel they need to choose rather than do both, dark times are coming, but we can pull through. In the coming of the next fall, people began to work things out, a peace agreement was forged with Keld that allows both groups to cooperate, and not compete over people. New practice schedules, and a mindset of fellowship has allowed numbers to grow. The Blackstone sages is seeing numbers around ten, while Keld has seen similar numbers, with only 4 people attending both games. If things continue in this fashion, there will be no fear for the time when Hannoske will leave.

After a tragic winter, the land has once again waned. The populace has died down. Of the locals, none still attend. Of those that attend the local places of education, only two will remain. Kit has left, Hannoske and Suraya are moving. Keld was wiped out, and it would seem that none have survived. Shi'Rite, Numzo, and Tazz will be the sole remaining players with any regularity. Arturo has returned to Mexico, hopefully to encourage Amtgard there. There are two more potential people who may continue with Fox and Kyon. But it doesn't look good. Hopefully the large recruiting event at the beginning of the academic year will pull through and the land will thrive again.

I will pause here to give remembrance to the noteworthy Belegarth people who saw fit to fight with us for a time before they moved on: Elerosse (06-07), Plithut (06-07), Ghazi(07-08), Detanous (07-08), Shirl (07-09), and Pookie (07-09). May your time in Amtgard be reflected upon with fondness. You will be missed.


Prime Minister: Numzo
Sheriff: Numzo
Regent: Numzo
Champion: Numzo
(in transition)

Primary Position History:


Hannoske (Sep'04-Mar'05)
Hannoske (Mar'05-Sep'05)
Gerrick (Sep'05-Mar'06)
Gerrick (Mar'06-Sep'06)
Shi'Rite (Sep'06-Mar'07)
Shi'Rite (Mar'07-Sep'07)
Kit (Sep'07-Jan'08)
Hannoske (Jan'08-Mar'08)
Shi'Rite (Mar'08-Sep'08)
Shi'Rite (Sep'08-Mar'09)
Hannoske (Mar'09-Jul'09)
Numzo (Jul'09-Sep'09)

Prime Minister:

Rowan (Sep'04-Mar'05)
Rowan (Mar'05-May'05)
Hannoske (May'05-Sep'05)
Kit (Sep'05-Mar'06)
Hannoske (Mar'06-Sep'06)
Hannoske (Sep'06-Mar'07)
Hannoske (Mar'07-Sep'07)
Hannoske (Sep'07-Mar'08)
Hannoske (Mar'08-Sep'08)
Hannoske (Sep'08-Mar'09)
Hannoske (Mar'09-Jul'09)
Numzo (Jul'09-Sep'09)


Wolf (Mar'05-Sep'05)
Wolf (Sep'05-Mar'06)
Wolf (Mar'06-Sep'06)
Kit (Sep'06-Mar'07)
Kit (Mar'07-Sep'07)
Shi'Rite (Sep'07-Mar'08)
Suraya (Mar'08-Sep'08)
Suraya (Sep'08-Mar'09)
Suraya (Mar'08-Jul'09)
Numzo (Jul'09-Sep'09)


Gerrick (Mar'05-Sep'05)
Hannoske (Sep'05-Mar'06)
empty (Mar'06-Sep'06)
Gerrick (Sep'06-Mar'07)
empty (Mar'07-Sep'07)
Ghazi (Sep'07-Mar'08)
empty (Mar'08-Sep'08)
Numzo (Sep'08-Mar'09)
Numzo (Mar'08-Sep'09)

Of note, due to a loss of most of the people of the land over the summer of 2009, an interim monarchy was established to train Numzo in all the positions of the monarchy so that upon the start of the next academic year for the local university with the return of the student players, and loss of the other veteran players, new officers could be chosen and trained.


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