Blackwater Barbarians

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A shire of Neverwinter, located in Crestview, Florida



The (revised) crest of the Blackwater Barbarians.


Newly founded in 2015, the Blackwater Barbarians were originally a part of the Nomadic Tribes of the Emerald Coast. Many members that lived in Crestview were unable to travel to Ft. Walton Beach every week and so, for more people to be able to participate weekly, the Blackwater Barbarians were formed. They joined the Kingdom of Neverwinter in 2017


  • Windmill
  • Hawthorne
  • Carmine One-Hand
  • Navarre
  • Logan
  • Drogan
  • Inara


  • Windmill (Monarch)
  • Hawthorne (Prime Minister/Regent)
  • Logan (Champion/Reeve)

Contacts and Directions

We meet on the THE FIRST & THIRD SATURDAYS AND THE 2ND & 4TH SUNDAYS of every month at 4pm at Old Spanish Trail Park in Crestivew, Fl. Come join us! Newcomers are always welcome!


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