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An event hosted twice by Emerald Coast in the late 90s.

The first one was simply called Breakfeast.

The second was called Breakfeast II.

They were mostly hosted by Evil Ryss and Kudzu, using a primitive campground on Eglin AFB. They were mostly attended by people from Silverwater, Darkwater East, Falling Fire. Naesis from the Iron Mountains also attended the first one, and convinced Loyal to move to Colorado.

The second in particular was notorious for various things:

  • Circle of Pro Evil
  • The evil Darkwatermelon. A watermelon that was brought to the site by Kitirat and sliced up but no one touched it. Left out overnight twice no critter nor even an insect so much as would approach it.
  • A rule dispute broke out between people from Silverwater and Falling Fire that resulted in both grabbing rulebooks. There it was found that the HTML version of the 6.0 rules from the website were different than the PDF version. Specifically the HTML version omitted the "range" for Finger of Death. This resulted in Falling Fire believing the spell had unlimited (well, "line of sight") range, and casting it at someone on the far side of a lake perhaps a quarter of a mile away. Ivar, who ran the website was contacted and this was eventually fixed as a result.
  • During the event the air force conducted some training exercises in the wilderness around the campground. SPs came by the site with instructions to not leave the perimeter of the camp... while doing this they discovered massive quantities of emptied booze containers on the ground. Also of note was that someone for some reason had decided to bring some powdered sugar for cooking. They did this by pouring it into a large ziploc bag and leaving it on the dashboard of their vehicle. While the SPs were taking note of all this they were challenged by an inebriated amtgarder (memory fails i think it was Jester) who claimed to have connections in washington and proceeded to threaten them with all manner of reprisals if they didn't back off and leave the site. (He was forcibly silenced by others before he could do more damage). By some miracle the SPs left and the event continued.


"Morning After" at Breakfeast II