Bromos Alestone

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Grand Pooba Baronet Righ Bromos "Shenanigan Wielder" Frostborne Alestone, Shire of Myr Tariniel, Polaris

"Hey Josh Give Covus another 20 i think we can win this time."

"Lets get Depressed Drunk Boys!"

‎"Events are straight till Free Co gets to them... Then things tend to get a bit strange..."


Bromos joined Amtgard in November 2006. He Joined Free Companies in 07 and has worn the Colors of the company with pride ever since. His Persona is a Dwarf

  • * Thorpe, Routinely takes Pro Flame to shut down Bromos and his damn lightning bolts

Is afflicted with Bard tongue

Affiliated Groups

Belt Line


  • former Baron of Olympus
  • Proudly took up the mantle of Capt Cockblock when his company needed him most.
  • Ducal PM X2 Principality PM X1 Ducal Champion X1
  • Baronet
  • Master Wizard
  • Former Principality of Olympus Weapon Master
  • Duchy of Olympus Weapon master 11-12
  • Righ of the Frostborne Dwarfs.
  • Grand Pooba of the Jesters of Olympus
  • Obtained the Title Shenanigan Wielder
  • Once ran naked through the woods in to a patch of poison ivy as a dare. His testicles have never been the same.

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