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Bron Brodir, of The Burning Lands

”You can quote me on that.”


I first joined Amtgard in 1985 or 86. The group gave a demo at an AMIGOCON, and from that point on I was hooked. The early days it was difficult to get along as I was the new kid and not everyone was so inclusive. I hung around off and on till about 1987, when life got in the way, I joined the US Army and got married for the first time. 1992 or so is when I got back into Amtgard, the park had really grown in membership and clan had thousands of attendees at Sleepygrass camp ground. It was a great time to be in Amtgard. I was around for a couple years before life once again got in the way. I got married for the second time and moved around for a while trying to find a place of my very own. Some how I found my way back to El Paso and the burning lands. I came out off and on for the next couple years, but I was looking for more and I was bumping heads with the cool kids, still feeling like an outsider, I moved onto other Amtgard like games. That is when I found Adrian Empire a live Steel game, and got the name Bron Brodir. The local group fell apart, and turned off from the drama, politics, and memories of being the outsider I found other hobbies to fill my time with. Recently I have found my way back to Amtgard when a friend who I gamed with said he was out at the park again... This time I am trying to help all I can and rebuild the dream however I can. I have always enjoyed Amtgard and want it to succeed and grow to the levels I remember in the early 90's. Lots of great people here, and I am proud to be among you.

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Bliss Keep ( Keepers of the Dream ) The White Order ( Clay's Crusaders ) Dream Keepers ( Saracen )

Now - 2012 THE PRIDE

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

I was the Sheriff of Bliss Keep back in the 1990's, Known as Malkav then. I helped Ghee form the White Crusade. I was also a founding Dream Keeper Saracen member for a time. In 1994 at Clan we had camp Cunnilingus, and held a very successful scavenger hunt, drunk amtgarders from all over brought us tons of miscellaneous odds and ends we had them search for.

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