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Buldozer, of Western Gate Tal Dagore

”I said the magic words, "Can I help"”



Buldozer joined Amtgard and Western Gate at the St. Louis Annual Pagan Picnic in 2001 along with her sister, Dragonbaby, later to be renamed Dragonlady.

Fascinated at a young age by seeing the old boffer group, Dragon Slayers, she fell in love with the idea of getting to play with swords, even if they weren't truly real. She was reminded of this love when spotting Amtgard at the Pagan Picnic in '01' and begged her mother to let her play. That weekend, she found that WG wasn't far from her home and she could easily walk there and so she did.

She did as much as she could for the park, even at a young age. One thing she did and became quickly adept in, was taking the new players and giving them the "quick and dirty" intro before sending them to ditch. Many people would be sent to her for the basics and when looking for 'Buldozer', they started looking for one of the guys instead and were a little shocked it seemed to find that she was indeed a girl. It became a favored game with Horse, who would send the newbies to her and just point off in her direction.

Another thing Buldozer has done during her entire Amtgard career is Reeving. Quick on picking up rules and always willing to ask for help when needed and willing to put down her swords and volunteer to reeve when no one else would was just something she did. She continues to reeve every time she goes out to WG.

Buldozers name was given to her after her first day by Parn and Simon, who had decided that she was an aggressive player and had no fear. When asked 'Why Buldozer?' Most responded, herself included, was because she would run you over and keep on going. Her favored fighting style was Florentine and she almost always played Warrior.

Over the years, she has had to distance herself from the fighting aspect of the game, for personal reasons, and has started to turn to the political side of things, so she may help in making the game better for everybody. After 10+ years with just the fighting and reeving, she feels now is a great time to step up and help with the changes.

In January of 2012, Buldozer started Clan of the Bears with hopes that the group will help make Amtgard look better. Her hopes include being able to help newbies with getting their equipment ready, help with garbing and so forth.

As of February 2012, is now a part of the Saracens fighting company in Tribe Hellfire.


Guildmaster of Reeves January 1012 - July 2012

Affiliated Groups

Saracens - Tribe Hellfire Tribal Initiate

Clan of the Bears Lady Sun Bear (Founder)

Blue Hood Marque

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Belted Family


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Reeving a Weapons Master Tournament July 2011 (Also pictured Roslyn, Durf & Monk-Player)

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Picture taken at Ronnies Movie Theater after a demo for the opening night of 'Conan' in August 2011 (Pictured First Row Buldozer, Gearexx, Neko, G-Fish, Rathius, Avius, Keonee Second Row Roadkill, Dragonlady, Calypso, Splatter, Bones, Shoeless Laying down Nitsu

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