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Typical Blue Camp pad foam
Blue camp foam.jpg

Camping pads are generally found at sporting goods stores, or in the sporting goods department of big department stores. The kind most useful to the Amtgarder are those that are all foam. The expandable foam covered with nylon is not a good choice. Higher quality camp pads will have a much finer cell structure, and shouldn't make a popping sound when squeezed. Lower quality pads will have noticable bubbles in the structre, and may pop when you squeeze very hard. Each one is usable, though higher quality foam will last longer, and need replacement far less freqently. For those that like to construct flat-bladed weapons, blue camp pad will probably be one of the easiest things to work with. Camp pad foam is easily glued with carpet glue and contact cement. The higher quality foam is also easier to stick tapes to.

There's a rumor that some people sleep on the stuff, but it's not verifiable at this time.


Camp foam can be used in all manors of melee weapons and projectiles.

Omni-Blade Flat-Blade Heavey Disk Throwies


A 20" x 72" roll lightweight camping pad foam can be found for about $5-$7 in Walmart or any sporting goods store in your area that carries camping supplies.

Ozark Trial , Blue >>link<<

Venture Products, LLC Outdoors Travel Light Classic, Green >>link<<

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