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Mistress Caritas, of Dark Shores, Rising Winds

”Come and get me, unless the only balls you have are on that chain.”



Caritas originally started playing Amtgard in Alaska with Astral Winds in summer of 2001, when Sef invited her out to play. She participated religiously for several years, then took some time off, returning intermittently until spring of 2010, when she returned full force. After another cold winter of playing in a small gym, she decided to move south to a warmer territory where she could play outside year she chose Wisconsin, and found herself joining in with Dark Shores in fall of 2011. She was dismayed to find out not only that they still had winter so far south, but that Dark Shores remains outside and fights in the snow.

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Notable Accomplishments

Awarded Master Healer by King Stark I, July 2004

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