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Squire Catnip Everbitch, of Iron Springs, Winter's Edge

”I do what I want!”


Catnip started amtgard at Iron Springs in 2014. She is known mostly for her archery skills and her aggressiveness in fighting. She was belted to Squire Elyk Emanon as his Woman at Arms for a couple months until having to leave due to personal reasons, but later was taken up as a squire to Sir Duffer of the Flame and Crown. Catnip then took Lady Aleynah from Rebel's hold as her woman at arms and Lily from Rebel's Hold as her page. She became a dominion to the fighting company The Seraphim in 2016 by Ishmael at the Dag event Winter War. She also recent was taken as a candidate for the household Bloodstone with her Knight Sir Duffer as her sponsor.

For her character background, she has "monster personlaity disorder" due to the years of war as the Mockingjay of Winter's Edge. Because of this disorder, Catnip has multiple monster personalities but doesn't remember when they come out or what happens what the monster personalities do. Her monster personas are Jiggles the Ogre, Thundercluck the chicken God, Steve the talking squid and Aishe Wildfyre the kender gypsy.

The Seraphim fighting company

Seraphim Heraldry.jpg

Belted Family

Knight- Sir Duffer of the Flame and Crown

Woman at Arms- Lady Aleynah Everbitch

Page- Lilly Mith

Notable Accomplishments

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