Ceridwyn Eris Thorne

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Lady Squire Eris Thorne, of Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale.


From Left to Right:

Showing off her new classy Ebon Order fighting garb; Fury 2011

Scoring a point in Jugging as the Quick at Tribal Rivals 2011

Repping the infamous Ladybitches (a now defunct psuedo-household); Great Eastern 2011


Original ORK Picture, 2009


"Eris is a sunshiney presence wherever she goes :)" -Glyn

Eris started playing Amtgard in Caradoc Hold in late spring of 2009, when prompted by RL friend and former co-worker Dorcas (who had drunkenly stumbled upon the group's midnight field not long before that). She had originally watched the group once or twice as a spectator a few years prior, which was a popular past time for students of Nazareth College, where Caradoc Hold fields on Thursday nights.

She is a bit of a flurb at times, but enjoys ditching for hours on end with the big boys. She has acquired a recent love for Jugging when introduced to the game at Tribal Rivals in 2011. Her favorite position is Quick, though isn't opposed to step in to other positions, especially Heavy.

Eris was paged by Lady Squire Shannon Bradford in April 2010, but parted ways with her amicably in July 2011. She took a Page belt from Sir Bowen (who was Lord Bowen at the time) in October 2011, and was given her Woman-At-Arms belt in June 2012. Her lovely belt was made by her belted brother Bear as a suprise, something which Eris didn't take kindly to as she thought they were keeping her out of the loop (which they were, for good reasons). Upon receiving her belt, she took back her prior statement that Bear was dead to her, and gave him a giant hug.

Depending on the time of the year, Eris shifts focus to A&S related things rather than running around in the wet and cold because she has a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad immune system. She never lets it get her down though, and remains active during the bitter months (and is sometimes seen bouncing around in the snow for short periods of time). She is currently working on a whole new set of garb and other fun projects that she hasn't entirely thought through yet...but that is not entirely surprising.

Amtgard Facts about Eris:

  • First Sign-in: May 21, 2009 (Monk credit)
  • Favorite Class: Scout
  • Weapon of Choice: Single Short or (recently) Polearm
  • Highest Level: 6th (Scout)
  • Path: Undecided (Inclination toward Flame and Serpent)
  • Company: Ebon Order
  • Belt: Squire to Sir Bowen

Random Facts about Eris:

  • Eris is Your Mom.
  • Eris is a beastly Quick and scored three points in her first ever game of Jugging.
  • Eris and Sassafras are the same person.
  • Eris loves charts, and will make them for any reason.
  • Eris has two hands for two cupcakes (especially if they are baked by either Tesstiment or Mercury).

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Positions Held

  • Court Scribe, Caradoc Hold, June 2010 - December 2010
  • Consort of Caradoc Hold, June 2016 - December 2016

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