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Master Chico Suavé, of Gryphon's Perch in the kingdom of The Rising Winds

”I have a borderline pathological obsession with boobs” -Chico



Chico started playing back in 2005 briefly, but with college and time in the navy didn't play for close to six years. For about a year after he was out of the navy he fought down in neverwinter. He now resides in the rising winds where he fights at Gryphons Perch. He now is a soldier in the fighting company Ferrum Crux.

Affiliated Groups

House Gallifrey

Ferrum Crux

Belted Family

Man at Arms to squire Farley

Notable Accomplishments

Awarded the title of Master in November 2012

Chancellor of Nodrama Feb 2012 - Oct 2012

Sheriff of Nodrama Oct 2012 - Apr 2013

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