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MaA Chopz The Drunk Radiant Valley, Winter's Edge

"Together we can achieve more...or maybe less..."




Chopz has played Amtgard since late 2009, but has known of it since 2005 due to Bunch the Drunk.

Affiliated Groups

Green Lantern Corp Maelstrom

Belted Family

Bunch MaA Chopz

Notable Accomplishments

Survived a car ride with a sleep deprived Gunn and Gilan.

Witnessed Subway turn his hand into an ingredient for a grilled cheese.

Kept his sanity after the infamous TURBO TEA was created by the BaGaNaGaS.

Successfully turned Teflon into a pokemon.

Managed to create a whole meaning to *Retching Noises*

Check actual ork for awards.

Birds are scary.

Witness Lexi use a stick with a nail in it as an intimidation tool.

Turned Darko Fabric scissors into a grilled cheese cutter.

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