Church of Genetic Purity

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The church seems to have two incarnations, the first one being established by Father Thomas, the second by Sir Bolt which he stopped as soon as he realized Father Tom had already used the name.

Father Thomas on the CoGP:

Ah, the Church. What can one say? People have to understand that the reason behind the Church was not to rid the world of all the non-humans but to help them help themselves. We, (humans), must understand and take pity on these poor genetically twisted souls and help bring them back into the fold of purity and disease-free procreation. Tis not their fault they were born with such deformities. All they need to do is to come to the Church and accept the teachings and truths that will be laid before them. The genetic distillation process is relatively painless. And the lines are currently short,..considering the holiday season and all. AND,..they get a free shower!

(Nevermind the smoke from the ovens in the back of the rectory.)

Sir Bolt on the CoGP:

Church of Genetic Purity was a group based upon a Angelic Hero that had gone bad.

The Angelic Hero was a half-elf, that despised being a half elf, and hence he was on a mission to destroy elves.

The Angelic Hero used any creature to further it's end of destroying elves, and did not care if they were evil or good. Because,in it's twisted mind the ends justified the means.

It was an attempt to show that good guys can be played as bad guys if the right circumstances were present.

It was also meant to show that religion could and can be twisted to suit the needs of an individual.

The character was loosely based off of the character in Johnny Johnny Mnemonic. The one Dolph Lundrin played.


The CoGP never seemed to he a household or a company, just a political/theological movement that some personas adopted due to the suppresion of free rights of clean humanity under the filthy hooves of the dirty mutant races.