Clan Bouldernoggin

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A Household


We are a household in the service to Amtgard. From our base in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds,we have grown to include members from many lands for we all share a love for the Dream, the comradeiere of events and the service to continue them both. If there's work to be done,then find a person bearing the crest of the Ragged Crows and they'll be glad to see it done.

In Sincere Service to The Dream,
We are the Ragged Crows


The house of the Ragged Crows was originally a feasting and drinking company out of the shire of VCS in Lancaster Ohio. That was until Valhalla I June, 2005 when several members were asked to save the feast when all seemed lost we gathered our materials, and our members made it work. At Battle Cry II of 2005, when the Hell-Pig spawned from the disastrous fire in the smoker once again the Crows were victorious. The founding members were struck by inspiration and we decided then and there to serve the dream. And as each successful event goes by we are maintaining our service minded presence in all the places we serve and from all the ways we can and do serve, whether politically, by cleaning a ditch field after an event or by driving half the horizon away to come to see old friends. We have continued our services to this day while gaining members to form a body of service that will hopefully never fail to be there for Amtgard.

In Sincere Service to The Dream,
We are the Ragged Crows


Celtic Knot Gold Crow on Black


1st order of the Flame, given by Lord Belbe, Sheriff of VTR, March 5, 2006

2nd order of the Flame, given by Khan Lord Revrag POM/RW, May 6th, 2006

3rd order of the Flame, given by King Sir Glavas Zorallo of the Rising Winds, June 23rd, 2007