Clan of the Bears

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Clan of the Bears

”We are the Crafters of Amtgard”


First Degree - Cub

Second Degree - Cave Bear

Third Degree - Name Given

Hierarchy - Lord or Lady


Established in January of 2012 and Founded by Buldozer

Colors are Black, Brown and Red

We are the Crafters of Amtgard. We are here to make Amtgard look amazing and help make it a better game for all. If asked, we will help with feast. We will also help our fields in any way we can with events and teaching people how to make weapons, garb and any other equipment. We will be the best we can and we will do the best we can.

Affiliated Groups

Western Gate

Bloodsteel Valley

Phoenix Tears



Buldozer Lady Sun Bear

Fey Anya Lady Mama Bear

Peer Pressure Lord Panda

Third Degree

Second Degree Cave Bears


First Degree Cubs



More Information

  • Contact ["" "Buldozer"] for more information.