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Squire Cliona, of Mordengaard Wetlands

“Here, let me show you how I’d kill you with that…”



Cliona was introduced rather hesitantly to Amtgard in 2000 by her boyfriend (he remains nameless to avoid any embarrassing stories, if you know him, good for you). She started at Mordengaard in College Station, Texas, while attending Texas A&M. A few years later she graduated and that was pretty much it for regular park attendance. Work now sends her to all kinds of exotic places where yelling “Line up, Lay on!” is considered highly offensive.

Cliona didn’t care much for fighting companies or politics, so it was a surprise when she became the first Space Monkey (initiate) of the Kraken Horde. The previously mentioned boyfriend was a little displeased; when he asked why she’d joined, she simply said, “Cause, they’re just fun.”

She’s contributed nothing to Amtgard except her good looks and winning personality. Provided that the “winning” is done at the point of a knife.

Affiliated Groups

Kraken Horde Fighting Co.

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Kane, Gracious Dictator of the Wetlands.

Notable Accomplishments

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